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Fungus is all around us and we created this page to provide useful information on the different kinds you may come in contact with on a daily basis. Some, like the mushrooms on your pizza, are edible and actually quite delicious, but others are toxic and sometimes deadly to humans. Knowing the difference is something everyone should be aware of. Here you’ll find some articles on the delicious edible mushrooms of the fungi kingdom as well as articles at the other end of the spectrum that you don’t want to ingest. It’s fascinating to know that organisms that are so closely related can be so different in their effect on human beings.
It’s our sincere hope that you’ll find this site both educational and entertaining as well. Our interest in everything fungi is the passion that led us to create this site and we’re happy to share our opinions and views with anyone that has a passing interest in the fungi that’s all around us. From tiny little spores to Giant Puffball mushrooms there’s a whole ecosystem of these organisms to explore. We hope you find the articles on this site enlightening and useful. Thanks for stopping by.