Deadly Mushrooms You Can’t Eat

If you happen to be a mushroom lover it may be hard to believe that some of them are highly toxic, but that is the reality. There might be nothing better than a little sautéed onions and some mushrooms on a steak, but that’s only if you use the right kind. There aren’t too many varieties that are actually deadly although the ones that are can be extremely lethal. The problem is in many cases they also happen to look like some of our favorite edible choices. Being able to recognize which ones are the most lethal could save your life. Below are some of the most deadly mushrooms on the planet.

The Death Cap Mushroom

It’s probably quite appropriate that the world’s deadliest mushroom happens to be called the Death Cap mushroom. This little nightmare fungus can kill you in just a few short hours. Immediately after consumption anyone who ingests this mushroom will begin to have violent abdominal pain and will find it impossible to keep anything down. Just a few short hours after these initial symptoms appear most major organs begin to fail. If you somehow come across one of these mushrooms and take a bite you have only a 50/50 chance of survival. It’s a good idea to be able to identify a Death Cap so you don’t make the mistake of trying to eat one.

The Conocybe Filaris

The Conocybe Filaris may be an even scarier fungus than the Death Cap mushroom because of how common it is. You can find this mushroom growing on your lawn in certain conditions. It’s especially common in the Pacific Northwest of the US. It has some similar properties to the Death Cap mushroom and there’s a good chance that eating one of these will at the very least make you seriously ill. In the worst case scenario it will cause liver and kidney failure within 24 hours and your chances aren’t too good after that.

Not So Friendly Webcaps

The Webcap has a friendly sounding name, but don’t let that fool you. This is another deadly fungi that looks a lot like many edible varieties. . The creepy thing about this mushroom is that it doesn’t act fast. At first anyone that eats it will feel what seems like flu like symptoms that last for days and even weeks. Because it seems like a common flu medical professionals don’t always recognize it for what it is. If they don’t discover the truth in time it will lead to kidney failure.

The Autumn Skullcap

The last deadly surprise you don’t want on your dinner table is the Autumn Skullcap mushroom. It’s generally found on rotting wood, but fortunately it can’t really be mistaken for any known edible varsities so the chances of accidentally eating one are pretty slim. While not as powerful as the Death Cap mushroom it does have similar properties so it can be fatal if ingested.